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PPC Steps

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The life cycle of the Pay per Click includes following stages

1) Collecting Keywords
2) Preparing ad copies
3) Bid Management
4) Optimizing the campaign

The following are the main tools and sources for collecting keywords

I. Keyword tools
1. Overture Suggestion tools
2. Rapid Keyword tool
3. Google Sand Box

II. Keywords software
1. Word tracker
2. Trial versions of paid software

III. Free tools

IV. Other Sources
1. Natural search Keywords
2. Misspelled of branded keywords
3. Referral keywords
4. Competitor names as keywords
5. Competitors Meta keywords

Check List for Better Ad Copies

1. Editorial guidelines of the search engine
2. Considering web site content
3. Keywords of the ad group
4. Competitor’s ad copies
5. Grammar of the advert
6. Promotions & Benefits
7. USP
8. Call for action

Check list for Overture Bulk Upload Sheet

Account number
Cross checking of account no

Search Terms

Removing of duplicates

Destination URL
Functioning Destination URL
No Pop-ups
No Back Button

1. Character limit
2. Spelling
3. Grammar

1. Character limit
2. Spelling
3. Grammar

Advanced Match Status

Status Off

Standard Bid ($)

Default as $0.10

Advanced Match Status

Status Off

Content Match Bid ($)

Status Off

Excluded Words

Adding of negative keywords

Character Limit

Optimizing the Campaign

Clustering of ad groups

1. Each ad group should not exceed 15 keywords
2. Keyword insertion in the ad copy and URL
3. Keywords targeted only in Phrase and exact match.
4. Each ad group must have minimum of 3 ad copies.
5. One ad copy must have Dynamic title
6. Each ad group should have suggested Negative keywords
7. The campaign should have suggested daily budget.

Keyword Management
1. Separate campaign for top performing keywords.
2. Separate ad group for high traffic keywords
3. Different variations for performing keywords.

PPC tips

1. Bidding Broad –
2. Fighting for #1 Spot –
3. Avoiding Geo-targeting
4. Losing Relevance on Landing Page
5. Getting Rid of Fraud Networks
6. Using Telephone Numbers –
7. Not Bidding for Your Name
8. Lack of Affiliate Control
9. Not Separating Content Match from Search Results –
10. Ignoring the Seasonal Copy
11. Lack of "Exact Tracking" –
12. Paying for Negative Keywords
13. Not Using Keywords in Ad Copy
14. Avoiding Brand Name Keywords

Avoiding Brand Name Keywords - It is unfortunate, but many companies do not take advantage of their competitors. How do you do this? Bid on their brand / company name. Think about it anyone searching for your competitor could easily be your customer instead

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admin said...

If some ads don't work, try to change ads and keywords on regular basis.

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Very Nice.. Following are more Steps..

* Keyword research strategies and tools
* The power of targeted ad groups
* How to track conversions
* Strategies for testing and optimizing your campaigns
* Tips and tricks to make managing your campaigns easier

HR Inc Consultants said...

Succeeding in a single PPC campaign is quite an accomplishment, but
delivering results time and time again is something else entirely. Being able to consistently produce campaigns that achieve results is the
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where can i get full idea about ppc